Highly Recommended

SUV Matchmaking

Get what investors have!


On 29 and 30 May - Pre-Day Boot Camp for all the semi-finalists

Keynote Presentations and Master Classes

Startup Village is a must-do conference for all start-ups

Unicorn’s Talk

What does the Unicorn say?

Global Village

Representatives of more than 20 countries at the Startup Village

Super Junior

Super Junior for future superheroes! 14+


Virtual, augmented and mixed reality

Art&Science Day

The interaction of science, art and technology

Startup Bazaar

Exhibition of Innovative Projects

TP Tours

Two days of Startup Village will be incomplete without excursions to the Technopark Skolkovo!

Technopark Talks. Take Your Seat, Accused!

Open trial of representatives of technoparks!

NANOquest from ROSNANO Lab

Get aquainted with the nanotechnologies, playing

Business Debut 2018 – 2019

Take your job in a technological startup.

A new technological wave in Russia. Obstacles and Opportunities.

Round table at the stand of the RUSNANO Group

AstraZeneca – Skolkovo Startup Challenge

Biomedical Innovation Decisions Search

City & Technology. Making This League the Strongest, How?

Moscow Urban Forum & ODAS Skolkovo Joint Track.

Wireless Communication and the Internet of Things

Consortium first meeting at Skoltech