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The Government of Moscow

The Government of Moscow deals with issues of national, economic, town-planning and personnel policies, as well as the tasks of the city municipal service and facilities, land and property regulation and the social sphere. Its departments develop and finance business, science and culture, implement informative and innovative technologies and protect the cultural heritage.

City Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship

Moscow Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship develops and implements the city's policy in industrial, scientific, technical and innovative activities. It supports and develops the entrepreneurship, creates the favorable investment climate, attracts and supports the investments, develops Moscow’s industrial estates. The department creates and develops clusters, technology and industrial parks, analyzes investment projects, reduces administrative barriers in city services, provides incentives and subsidies to small and medium-sized businesses.

2018 Moscow Entrepreneur Week

Moscow Entrepreneurship Week is a unique business event organized by the Government of Moscow, which brings about 60,000 participants and 300 world-known speakers from 40 countries for five days together. The participants of business programs discussed the international and the Moscow practices of city authorities support for the entrepreneurship. Moscow Entrepreneurship Week also includes the Moscow Entrepreneurship Forum, the educational business forum Transformation-3. Digital Economy, the World Franchise Forum and Exhibition and the Moscow Fashion Industry Forum and Startup Village conference.