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In 2018, NUST MISIS is celebrating a century since the founding of its predecessor, the Moscow Mining Academy. Today, the university is a full-fledged scientific and educational center and enters the THE, QS and ARWU subject rankings in six fields, notably taking 30th place in «Engineering – Mineral & Mining», and appearing in the TOP-100 for «Engineering – Metallurgy». The strategic goal of NUST MISIS is to strengthen its positions in the fields of materials science, metallurgy and mining, as well as to significantly strengthen its positions in the fields of bio-, nano- and IT-technologies by 2020. More than 17,000 studentsfrom 69 countries study at NUST MISIS. 30 laboratories and 3 world-class engineering centers, where leading international scientists work, operate at NUST MISIS.


IPChain Association (National Coordination Center for Procession of Transactions with Intellectual Property Rights and Objects). IPChain Association was created in 2017. The founders of the Association are: Skolkovo Foundation, Russian Organization for Intellectual Property, the Higher School of Economics, the Russian Union of Rightholders, St. Petersburg National University of information technologies, mechanics and optics, Russian Authors Society; Partnership on protection and management of rights in the sphere of arts, “New century” bank. The main task of IPChain Association is the implementation of the IPChain project, aimed to form a national network of IP rights & objects transactions. Leading representatives of the sphere of intellectual property take an active part in the development of the "trust infrastructure" network. The IPChain project has already consolidated twenty largest Russian and foreign organizations which accumulate and produce IP objects.


Hadassah Medical Center was founded in 1912 and is known as one of major pillars of Israeli Healthcare system. Hadassah is recognized by its leadership, medical innovation and early implementation of novel treatment protocols. In 2017 Hadassah joins Skolkovo International Medical Cluster as a first participant. Hadassah Diagnostic Center will get first patient in August 2018 with the main goal to prevent, early identify and treat severe diseases and run smart complex check ups. Opening of next, multifunctional Therapeutic building is planned for 2020. The patients can get full diagnostics, integral treatment and rehabilitation according to OECD standards there. Hadassah branch in Moscow also runs research and educational programs.


IDS Borjomi Russia is the leader of the bottled water market in Russia, it is part of IDS Borjomi International, the largest producer of natural bottled waters in the CIS and Baltic countries. Portfolio of IDS Borjomi Russia includes such famous brands as "Borjomi", "Saint Spring" and "Edelweiss". "Saint Spring" is the natural drinking water, which is extracted from artesian deepwells. A careful approach to the choice of the source allowed us to use modern filtration methods that do not change the natural structure of the water. This allows you to keep the "Saint Spring" in the water the optimal content of salts and trace elements and keeps all the benefits for the people.