Harder, better, faster, stronger. Supertechnologies that change our lives

For centuries, the geniuses of the world of art and literature have been populating our world with fantastic creatures and whole civilizations that could fly, talk without words, become invisible, control the mind, oppose the forces of nature, see far into the distance, move faster and be stronger than the best athletes in human history.
For centuries, the greatest scientists and engineers bit by bit have been collecting and assembling the tools that would enable us to do amazing things that would otherwise be impossible: to live longer, breathe on the moon, create non-existent in nature hyper-strong materials, use the most destructive energy in the world for the benefit of mankind, witness the unravelling of the greatest discoveries through the eyes of artificial intelligence and, of course, make a casual trip to Mars.
The world's leading experts will tell us how technology makes it all possible.


Harry Bhadeshia

University of Cambridge

Aubrey de Grey

SENS Research Foundation

Bas Lansdorp

Mars One

Tom Zimmerman

IBM Research


Stewart Rogers