Finland, a digitalization test bed

Digitalization is already disrupting virtually every market and every industry in the world. Data is becoming new currency, Ecosystems replace value chains, Augmented Intelligence assist decision making. Health, Transport and Energy sectors are in the process of disruption right now and are in the primary focus of Finland and Russia due to economical and social impact. Smart mobility, Cognitive healthcare, Smart Energy are the Future. Digitalization is #1 topic in both Russia and Finland. Big picture has been drawn by a number of opinion leaders, yet there is limited understanding on what is happening on technology and business level, what are the use case scenarios and the real life impact.
In the session we are going to give examples of digitalization-focused companies disrupting certain markets and industries. We will discuss the vision of investors and tech entreprenuers. We will talk about how Digitalization test beds in Finland are designed to help the companies in piloting technolgies in the world’s leading digital ecosystem and fast track them to the market.


Vasilii Bykov

Samocat Sharing

Dmitry Filatov

Sistema Venture Capital

Maria Hartikainen

Helsinki Business Hub

Ilkka Lakaniemi

Aalto University

Joni Lehto

NewCo Helsinki

Wilhelm Lindholm

Innovestor Group

Maria Melnikova


Ville Niemelä

University of Oulu

Otso Rasimus



Pavel Cheshev

Business Finland