Startup Bazaar Exhibiton

Always fresh ideas!

A project exhibition where young teams present their promising designs, ranging from prototypes to completed products.

200 startups will participate in the Startup Bazaar in 2018.

Here it will be possible to test different inventions, get acquainted with the founders of the high-tech projects, and assess their commercial potential.

#SUV guests will see projects ranging from bacterial fertilizers to quantum cryptography devices, from digital radars to the tablet incubators.

Show off your invention at the Startup Bazaar Exhibition!

Cost of taking part:

15,000 rubles for non-residents of Skolkovo
10,000 rubles for Skolkovo residents

The entry fee entitles you to:

  • an exhibition stand, 80 cm long*;
    *if you require a bigger stand, please inform us when filling in the application form, and pay for an extra space at the bazaar;
  • power connection;
  • dedicated internet access (upon request);
  • a sign with the company name and brief description of the project;
  • inclusion in the Startup Village’s electronic catalogue;
  • one ticket to the Startup Village conference (Startup category).

If you’d like to take part:

  • Register for the Startup Village conference.
  • Go to the Startup Bazaar Exhibition page and register to take part.
  • Complete the registration process by filling in and sending off the Startup Bazaar application form.
Deadline for Startup Bazaar Exhibiton applications
Startup Bazaar Exhibiton drawing results. All participants will receive a notifying e‑mail
Payment deadline, securing your spot at the Startup Bazaar Exhibiton